Smartphones During Sex: Almost One In Ten Americans Use Them During The Act [Survey]

Almost one in 10 Americans use their smartphones during sex, according to a survey on Mobile Consumer Habits performed by Harris Interactive for cell phone company Jumio. Maybe Alec Baldwin didn’t really tweet away during James Gandolfini’s funeral, but the rest of us are apparently using our smartphones in pretty much every inappropriate situation we can think of.

According to Jumio’s press release, the survey was conducted online in mid June. They questioned 2,021 US adults, including 1102 smartphone owners.

Jumio chief marketing officer Marc Barach said that the study was proof that people view their smartphones as “as an extension of themselves, taking them everywhere they go — even the most unorthodox place from the shower to their commute, from the dinner table to the bedroom.”

Yikes. The report said that 9 percent — almost one in 10 — American adults of all ages confessed to using their smartphones during sex. One in five or 20 percent of younger adults aged 18 to 34 used their smartphones while getting busy.

But the bedroom wasn’t the only inappropriate place that smartphones got used. Here are the Harris Interactive results for the percentages of Americans who use their phones in other inappropriate places:

In a movie theater:35%

During a dinner date: 33%

At a child’s or school function: 32%

In church or a place of worship: 19%

While in the shower: 12%

Alec Baldwin apparently isn’t alone in using his phone in church, even if he totally didn’t.

In May, Megan Charles reported on a study for The Inquisitr on whether or not Americans would rather give up sex or their smartphones. I have to wonder about some of you people out there. Apparently the majority said they’d keep the phones and forget about getting lucky.

But for those of you who would like to continue to enjoy both, Sam Biddle at Gizmodo offered some guidelines about when you could use your smartphone during sex:

“Is this someone you met passed out on the sidewalk next to a California Pizza Kitchen?…You can’t violate the intimacy of an emotionless, impulsive, sexual vacuum, because there’s no intimacy there to begin with. Text at will if you’re that dextrous.”

Alrighty then. Feel free to comment if you like but I’m almost afraid to ask if any of my readers use their smartphones during sex.

[image by wavebreakmedia via Shutterstock]