Royal Baby Will Be Heir Even If It’s A Girl

It used to be that only male babies had the right to be heirs to the British throne, that has changed with the royal baby which Kate is expected to deliver at any moment.

Traditionally, the first born male is the next heir. In the case of Prince William and Prince Harry it was a no brainer, William was the eldest so he is the next in line after his father Charles. It has been long rumored that he will bypass the title altogether in favor of William, but nothing official has been set.

Since William and Kate have chosen to be surprised by the sex of their little bundle, all the speculation is at it’s height.

England has had 58 kings and only eight queens, the latest being the royal baby’s great grandmother Queen Elizabeth. Now the law has changed and first born girls are also considered future monarchs.

This royal baby will inherit the throne of England at some point, when her father William abdicates in its favor. The speculation that Charles will be bypassed is increased by the Queen’s longevity. She is the picture of health and Charles isn’t getting any younger.

So why bring an elder to the throne when William is a young, energetic man that is of age and could assume the role?

Well, Charles is in line to be king and many think he would not pass up the opportunity to be the monarch.

In any case, the royal baby, whether male of female, will one day rule England. The baby’s father William, will be a modern dad, he is expected to be in the delivery room with his wife Kate and will walk out by her side when they leave St. Mary’s hospital just like his father did when he was born.

Whenever the royal baby decides to make an appearance Buckingham Palace is ready to make the announcement to the world.