Oakland Riots Reported After Trayvon Protests [Breaking]

In California, Oakland riots have been reported after the Trayvon Martin verdict was handed down earlier this evening in a Florida courtroom.

While several false alarms sounded earlier on Twitter, Oakland riots reports on Twitter appear to be the first confirmed instance of civil unrest following the late-night decision in Seminole County.

Twitter user @HarryElephante tweets that the reported Oakland riots are not in fact riots, and just small outbreaks of vandalism during a protest, saying:

There is no “rioting” in #Oakland. There is a small march. A couple of people broke the windows of a car. That isn’t a riot. #Zimmerman

User ‏@lexxluthaa adds:

“Protests are nothing but peaceful, don’t believe the hype #Oakland”

Another user reports that Oakland unrest reports are not protestors from Trayvon Martin rallies, saying white “college kids” have been the ones rioting in small numbers:

Another user makes the same claim, that Trayvon Martin protesters are not to blame for Oakland riots reports:

@RADIOTALK101 Hardly any. So far, in Oakland anyway, it looks like white kids starting trouble just for the hell of it…

— Jami (@Jami_USA) July 14, 2013

A livestream from Oakland does not appear to show riots, and footage streaming currently shows little street activity in the location filmed.

Users on Twitter are sharing purported images out of Oakland, with some indicating property may have been damaged. It is not clear whether the damage shown is related to Trayvon Martin protests, however.

Rioters are so classy and smart…Let’s show our displeasure by writing “kill pigz” on a police car in Oakland. pic.twitter.com/v1PQVs5EpQ

— Alasondro Alegre (@BostonRaider13) July 14, 2013

Over on Twitter, users tweeting about alleged Oakland riots and Trayvon Martin protests in general have been using the hashtag #MarchForTrayvonOAK.

Update: Several users report protesters burning flags outside an Oakland McDonald’s: