Rubber Band Gatling Gun Will Cost You $500, Totally Worth It

While most do it yourself weaponary of the fun kind are made of cheap plastics, this Rubber Band Gatling gun is a heavy duty (2o pounds) device made with CNC machined parts.

The office friendly gun let’s up to two pounds of rubber bands be loaded and fired on command, firing up to 100 rounds (rubber bands) during a single use.

Not cool enough for you? Well this gun can be used during rolling blackouts thanks to an included mounted flashlight located at the top of the weapon.

Gadgets & Gear have them available now, just be warned that it won’t be cheap at $499 and there’s a two week wait period to have it manufactured, plus you’ll probably lose your job when 100 rubber bands hit your boss at optimal speed or with a size 64 rubber band.

Here’s a video so you can see the Rubber Band Gatlin Gun in action:

What do you think? I wouldn’t waste my money, but I work from home for myself and shooting my own foot doesn’t sound like a good time.