Pyramid, Ancient Graves Uncovered During Mexico Construction

A pyramid and 30 ancient graves were discovered during a construction project in Mexico and archaeology officials believe they could be up to 2,000 years old.

The graves were found in the town of Jaltipan, southeast of Veracruz in eastern Mexico. along with skeletal remains, archaeologists also discovered clay figurines, jade beads, mirrors, and animal remains.

The settlement is believed to have been used from around the first century A.D. until around A.D. 600 or 700. But little is known about the people who once lived there.

To find out more, researchers plan to analyze the skeletons and learn how they were treated for burial, as well as how they may have died. NBC News reports that archaeologist Alfredo Delgado explained, “All that is known so far is that of the 30 burials, two at least belong to infants.”

The artifacts found with the pyramid and ancient graves belonged to more than one culture, though archaeologists are not sure what the significance is yet. While some of the figurines and brickwork appear to be Mayan, they also discovered pottery that looks like it came from Teotihuacan. Yahoo! News notes that Delgado added:

“Analyses will enable us to see whether this site was multicultural, as is indicated by the material found, or whether the inhabitants were all of the same genetic type.”

Details were also released about the pyramid, which was discovered on a hill near the burials. It was constructed of stone slabs and is 39 feet tall. Archaeologists believe it looks either Mayan or Tajin.

Pre-Columbian stone monuments are commonly found in Lox Tuxtlas and the Sierre de Santa Marta. However, they are not often found in the southern part of Veracruz state. Also found were bricks that resemble those found at the Mayan city of Comacalco, 74 miles away.

Animal remains included deer antlers, bones that could belong to dogs, coyotes, deer, fish and birds. They were buried with the bodies, making researchers wonder if they were meant to be companion animals for the underworld. Several prehistoric remains were also found with the ancient graves and pyramid.

[Image via ShutterStock]