George Zimmerman Trial Whistleblower Ben Kruidbos Fired For Linking Trayvon Martin To Drugs, Guns

Patrick Frye

A George Zimmerman trial whistleblower named Ben Kruidbos was fired for providing the defense with more information about Trayvon Martin's cell phone records. This information was never allowed to be included in the George Zimmerman trial and linked Trayvon Martin to marijuana and gun transactions.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the George Zimmerman verdict of guilty or not guilty is expected any day now.

While the world waits on the decision of the George Zimmerman jury, in regards to how the trial came to be we're finding out more about what happened behind the curtain. Ben Kruidbos was the IT director at the State Attorney's Office (SAO). Florida State Attorney Angela Corey fired Kruidbos because he allegedly violated public records laws. The letter Kruidbos received at his home read:

"Your egregious lack of regard for the sensitive nature of the information handled by this office is completely abhorrent. You have proven to be completely untrustworthy. Because of your deliberate, willful and unscrupulous actions, you can never again be trusted to step foot in this office."

Ben Kruidbos, for his part, is claiming to be a George Zimmerman trial whistleblower. When Kruidbos printed out the State prosecutor's report that was supposed to be given to Zimmerman's defense team, he noticed the report was one-third the size it should have been and was missing thousands of photos. He reported his concerns to a SAO investigator and prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda.

When nothing happened, Kruidbos hired a lawyer to contact the Zimmerman defense team because he felt "[a]ll the information is important in the process to ensure it's a fair trial." Defense lawyer Mark O'Mara said it took months to get information out of the SAO:

"The only way that we really found out about it … and the only way that we really found out about the intensity of the failure to give us information was when a person from their own office, a whistle-blower, came forward and said, 'I gave them that information in the middle to end of January' and we didn't get it until June 4th. It could have derailed the trial."

O'Mara even had to file a motion and get a hearing just to get color copies of some photos instead of "pastel-colored copies." A request to delay the George Zimmerman trial so they could go through the records pertaining to Trayvon Martin's cell phone was denied.

What do you think about the George Zimmerman trial whistleblower Ben Kruidbos leaking Trayvon Martin's cell phone records to the defense team?