George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict? Trayvon Riots Seem Unlikely

If the George Zimmerman verdict is not guilty Trayvon riots are deemed unlikely.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, days before the George Zimmerman trial even ended people were calling for Trayvon riots.

Does A George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict Automatically Mean Trayvon Riots?

Some people are upset that the Justice Department organized the Trayvon Martin rallies and others think Obama is inciting Trayvon riots with his words. Many people seem to be assuming that if the jury declared George Zimmerman not guilty then Trayvon riots are automatically going to happen. But so far any Trayvon riots seem unlikely based upon the conditions on the ground. Sign-wavers have gathered peacefully near a fountain outside the courthouse in Sanford in an area designated for free speech.

Michael Flamm, a professor of political history at Ohio Wesleyan University, believes the George Zimmerman verdict will not trigger Trayvon riots:

“History shows that there need to be large underlying socioeconomic conditions that will serve as the tinder for the spark that will cause the eruption. There is, of course, plenty of economic distress and plenty of social distress in Sanford and in Florida and in the country as a whole, but I’m not sure it’s at a critical mass right now.”

Downtown Sanford is supposedly fairly quiet right now and many people are not even following the George Zimmerman trial at all. Local Herman Eason says Trayvon riots seem unlikely, “I don’t get a sense of any violence or nothing. Really, (the protestors) got what they asked for. They wanted a trial.”

Do you expect Trayvon riots if the jury’s verdict finds George Zimmerman not guilty?