[Video] OMG, Super Mario Bros. is 25 years old!

I shall admit that I am mumblety-one years of age, and to me, Super Mario Bros. is the be-all and end-all best game of all time.

I played video games before and have since, but no other game is as firmly etched into my consciousness as this one. And years later when I bought my own child his first Wii, as soon as he was in bed, I jacked that shit and bought the Wii version and everything came back- the warp zones and cheats and habits I had from two decades ago. As every NES came with this game (and Tetris) if your parents didn't spend a lot of money on new cartridges and you grew up in the 80s, you probably played a lot of Super Mario Bros. as well.

In honor of the iconic plumber's game turning 25, The Guardian has some oft-repeated but still interesting facts about the game franchise. (2 and 3 kicked a little ass, but not nearly as much as the NES staple did.) Kotaku also posted a wee tribute, including the video below if you're feeling nostalgic on a rainy Monday morning.

Which Mario game was your favorite of all time?