Today Is National French Fries Day, So Indulge A Little

Today, July 13, is National French Fries Day.

We know you’ve had a high-calorie week so far, what with Free Slurpee Day a few days ago, but there’s no reason not to indulge a little today. National French Fries Day only comes once a year, after all.

And can you really deny that French fries are delicious? Of course you can’t. Besides, you’ve got options today. You can go for curly, waffled, sweet potato, or shoe-string. Just get yourself some and stop worrying.

How French fries first came to be is unknown, but there is a heaven, we’ll find out who created them and thank him/her when we die. The best theory suggests that they date back to the 17th century, and originated in Belgium.

Inhabitants in the region cooked small fried fish as a side dish to accompany their meals. When weather made fishing impossible, they cut potatoes into thin strips and fried those instead.

Presumably, they discovered “holy crap, these taste way better than fish” and the rest, as they say, became history.

Now, French fries are enjoyed all over the world, and though they go by different names in different places (remember to order “chips” with your burger if you’re in the UK), it seems clear that this foodie phenomenon is here to stay.

By the way, the French don’t actually call them “French fries.” Over there, they’re called “pommes frites.” Fun fact.

Are you going to get yourself some French fries to celebrate National French Fries Day?

[Image: Wikimedia Commons]