Wii Game Sex Bet Ends In Shooting

A Wii game sex bet ended in a fatal shooting.

This was one ending Nintendo never planned on, and probably the only instance of actual video game related violence ever seen. Wii games aren’t intended for things like this, obviously.

Wii Fit was always the most physically interactive game for Nintendo’s console ever intended, rivaling several Wii remote-based sports titles. However, Wii games aren’t supposed to make one violent enough to attack another.

One couple had made a Wii game sex bet with the promise of foreplay, apparently, if the retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer lost to his common-law wife. When she won and demanded he pay up, he instead shot and killed her.

Keith Wiens told a British Columbia jury that he had shot her in self defense when she came after him with a knife. The two had been drinking and having a rapidly escalating argument when they made the Wii game sex bet.

After losing the bet, Keith Wiens allegedly went upstairs to get some sleep for a day of golfing, and found a collection of sex toys on his pillow, proceeding to brush them off. According to local news, his common-law wife Lynn Kalmring “became upset when she saw that he was not in the mood to settle the bet.”

Lynn Kalmring then accused Keith Wiens of not being attracted to her any more, and he said he was, and was just tired. She had become furious, left the bedroom, and returned with a knife. She reportedly rushed him and he shot her once in the head.

One can only wonder if Nintendo will start adding a disclaimer to future Wii console packaging that says, “Do not play games under the influence of alcohol.”

Forensic evidence states that the knife Lynn Kalmring had apparently used to attack Keith Wiens was placed in her hand after her death, as she would have dropped the supposed weapon after being fatally shot.

What do you think of Keith Wiens fatally shooting Lynn Kalmring over a Wii game sex bet?