Delayed Rape Investigation Allows Assailant To Attack Another

Portland, OR – A delayed rape investigation allowed the alleged assailant to attack another, according to a victimized patient.

The woman claims she was raped while under the care of ER nurse, and former police officer, Jeffrey McAllister.

Before becoming a nurse, McAllister was a police officer in Seaside and Beaverton on the Oregon coast, reports UPI.

According to the complainant, Susan Graham, who waived her anonymity, it took Portland authorities nearly four months to investigate rape allegations levied against 38-year-old McAllister; a delay which allowed the suspect to attack another.

The initial criminal report of rape had been made in January by Graham, 34. However, it was only after a subsequent victim came forward that authorities moved on McAllister.

McAllister was arrested for allegedly abusing several female patients at the Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland. He was charged on multiple sexual assault charges Wednesday.

McAllister denies ever committing Graham’s rape or any other sexual assaults. Therefore, the accused rapist pled not guilty in Multnomah County Circuit Court to the 11-count indictment.

The court document included two counts of first-degree rape, four counts of first-degree sodomy, and two counts of first-degree sexual abuse. He was also accused of third-degree sexual abuse stemming from last September 24, when he allegedly touched the breast of another patient.

Graham spoke out regarding her outrage over how the Portland Police mishandled her original complaint. The report had been made two days following her assault, but it took four months for a detective to contact her and follow up, reports Oregon Live.

Graham, a recovering opiate addict, believes police had not taken her complaint seriously because she has prior criminal convictions. They include driving under the influence and first-degree burglary.

On January 15, Graham went to the emergency room at Portland’s Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, suffering from light-headedness. She’d fainted earlier the same day. A male nurse, identified as McAllister, connected Graham to an IV.

According to Graham, the nurse made odd and inappropriate comments such as, “I like the pattern on your panties.” She was later raped by the same nurse inside a hallway bathroom within the facility, falsely lured there under the pretense the nurse wanted to obtain a urine sample.

Two days later Graham went to a different hospital to make a formal rape complaint and undergo examinations. But it wasn’t until April that a Portland detective’s card appeared at her residence, asking her to contact police to follow up.

Thereafter she was able to identify her assailant from a line up and a warrant was issued for McAllister’s DNA.

Prior to, in February, McAllister allegedly forced another patient – who was mentally incapacitated and physically helpless – to touch his penis, and penetrated her with his finger.

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