Jay Leno To Spitzer: ‘How Were You This Stupid?’ [Video]

Jay Leno invited Eliot Spitzer to The Tonight Show Friday and asked him a question that has been on everyone’s mind. “How can you be this stupid?”

Spitzer, who is currently working on a political comeback, resigned as Governor of New York after news broke that he had paid for sex with prostitutes.

“You seem to be the guy who crossed every T and dotted every I,” Leno said. “How did you make this big blunder?”

Spitzer responded:

“When I used to speak about corporate governance back when I was, you know, the Attorney General and stuff, there was a phrase that I used that was ‘Hubris is terminal.’ People who fall prey to hubris, end up falling themselves. And that I think is something to which people in government are susceptible to.”

Still, the point of Spitzer’s comeback (he announced earlier this week that he will be running for New York City comptroller) is that people can learn from their mistakes.

“And the fall from grace is incredibly painful. It is something from which you learn. And hopefully you can then move on and contribute.”

Spitzer’s campaign hasn’t been perfect, but he is currently leading Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, his main opponent, in the polls.

However, one of his key campaign organizers has quit, and a former Wall Street executive is suing Spitzer for defamation.

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