Coca-Cola-Flavored Wine Hits French Market

Are you ready for the cocktail of the summer? A Coca-Cola-flavored wine called Rouge Sucette, or Red Lollipop, recently hit the market in France.

According to the NY Daily News, the drink is comprised of 75% red wine and 25% sugar, water, and cola flavoring.

That might not sound like a drink that wine aficionados in France would embrace but Victoria Moore, a wine critic at The Telegraph, writes that flavored-wines are currently gaining popularity in France.

Moore writes:

“Flavored wine is something the French have already embraced… They drank 15  million bottles of flavored wine last year, and that figure is expected to double in 2013.”

Moore also notes that flavored-wines aren’t really targeted toward the fine wine crowd. Instead, these are cheap wines (Rouge Sucette will sell for about $3.80) that probably won’t be seen anywhere near a fancy restaurant.

A commentator on the Telegraph website notes that mixing Coca-Cola and wine isn’t really a groundbreaking idea. The user writes: “I have seen many young people in Spain buying the cheapest wine in cartons then mixing it with Cola and they seem to like it.”

What do you think about mixing wine and Coca-Cola? Is this a match made in wine heaven?

Rouge Sucette isn’t available in the United States but the recipe is pretty simple: One bottle of the cheapest wine you can find. One can of Coca-Cola. Mix.