Lindsay Lohan Reality Show Coming To Oprah Winfrey Network

Oprah Winfrey has already landed Lindsay Lohan’s post-rehab interview but the OWN Network isn’t satisfied with a simple sit-down. Nope, OWN will be giving Lohan her own 8-episode “Docu-series.” Which is a fancy way of saying reality show.

According to the Atlantic Wire, the new series will focus on Lohan as she tries to re-establish herself as an A-List actor.

Lohan has been working on her comeback for years but her efforts have been derailed by personal problems.

Now that she’s out of rehab, Lohan will try to put her past behind her and land a few solid acting gigs. The former star doesn’t have the greatest resume at the moment.

After staring in the spoof Scary Movie 5 she landed a charity gig on Anger Management thanks to her friend Charlie Sheen. She recently finished filming The Canyonsbut the Bret Easton Ellis, which also stars porn star James Deen, has been ignored and insulted by critics.

The actress doesn’t have any movies lined up at the moment but she’ll probably start working on something once she gets out of her rehab.

Lohan’s interview with Oprah will air this August while the new reality show is set to debut next year.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will be able to pull herself out of this slump? Will the reality show boost her career? Or has Lohan found a permanent spot on the D-list?

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