Jason And Molly Mesnick: Jason Regrets Using Son But Debuts Daughter On TV [Video]

Jason and Molly Mesnick have been making some waves with their podcast series, This is Reality, which reflects on life after their infamous season 13 appearance on The Bachelor. With their baby daughter recently making her first appearance on live TV at the age of three months, the Mesnicks have plenty to say about parenting, life, and reality TV.

Jason Mesnick first caught the public eye on the 13th season of The Bachelor as the series’ first single parent. No one disputes that what made the 2009 season different from those that had gone before was the front and center presence of then 3-year-old Ty.

And of course the 13th season will always be remembered as the one where The Bachelor picked somebody else to be the winner — 25-year-old Melissa Rycroft. After the season had ended, Jason realized he’d made a mistake and eventually got a second chance from runner-up Molly Malaney, now his wife.

Wetpaint and CafeMom reports noted that Jason Mesnick recently confessed in a June 25 podcast that he had some regrets about using Ty to advance his reality TV career:

“I actually feel kind of stupid for putting my kid — kids — on reality TV…[M]y ex-wife did not favor that at all…

“Maybe I’m just making excuses…the reason why they picked me is because I was a single dad. If I didn’t have a kid, they probably wouldn’t have ever picked me.”

Jason Mesnick sounded conflicted about the gimmick that, let’s face it, gave him his career.

A more recent July 9 podcast is a little more light-hearted. According to DBTechno, Jason vented about Molly’s fake eyelashes.

In case you missed it, here’s that TV debut of three-month old baby Riley Mesnick on Katie:

Aww. Jason and Molly Mesnick said that in some ways, they’re like any other normal couple with a new baby.

[Jason and Molly Mesnick baby photos via Jason and Molly Mesnick Facebook page]