Prince William: Helicopter On Standby As Royal Baby Watch Drags On [Video]

Prince William now has a helicopter on standby so that he will be able to respond immediately when wife Kate Middleton finally goes into labor. As you can see from the video up top, the street outside St. Mary’s Hospital in London has become what CBS News is calling a “media waiting room” as photographers, press, and fans await the arrival of the royal couple’s first baby.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, July 11 was the expected due date for the Duchess of Cambridge’s baby — a date, of course, that has already passed.

But there’s a new favorite date. At least two British gambling sites were offering 5-to-1 odds that Middleton will give birth on July 14.

E! Online talked with a London police officer who was keeping watch on the street outside St. Mary’s Hospital, and he said that he heard the baby might well come today.

Of course, babies have their own ideas.

With royal baby fever at its peak, the short-term impact of the new baby was recently estimated to mean an infusion of about $400 million to the British economy in sales of memorabilia, party supplies, and other items needed to celebrate the baby’s arrival. Naturally, the British royal family appreciates the interest in the baby — but they don’t necessarily want to fight traffic as a result.

According to US Weekly, Prince William first put the helicopter on standby as early as July 6 to travel between London, where Kate Middleton is now in the hospital, and his Royal Air Force station in Anglesey, Wales.

At the moment, their report said that Prince William is believed to have been with Kate since the 10th. However, he has already announced plans to compete in a polo match this weekend, and he must return to his Anglesey station on Monday.

That’s why the Prince William helicopter will be ready when Kate Middleton finally goes into labor.

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