Detriot Lions get robbed by a terrible rule

Calvin Johnson Robbed by NFL’s Horrible Catch Rule

First and foremost at least this bad call against a Detroit Sports team was actually how the rule was written. I think the major issue is the rule itself. It is a terrible rule, and the NFL has a number of rules like this that allow the Referee to decide the game. If that is the case than this Zebras should be getting paid like 20 million bucks a year. As a Detroit Sports fan I would much rather see the players decide the contest amongst themselves.

OK, I write about football for a living, I work for a football team, and sooner or later I will be working for one of the football leagues out there. I have been watching football since I was five, and while my playing experience is somewhat limited (due to a horrific injury in High School) I think I know when a pass is caught and what a TD is and what is not.

ON Sunday Lions’ Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson caught a TD pass from backup QB Shaun Hill that WAS a TD, and a score that should have won the game for the Lions. This terrible rule that a receiver must complete his motion with the ball secured is ridiculous. A RB merely has to break the plane of the end zone with the ball and the play is over. When Calvin fell to the turf with the ball that made this play a TD and, what happens after really doesn’t matter all that much.

Much like the “Tuck Rule” it is a ridiculous thing to call, even though the call was made within how the rules were written. For Detroit fans this is almost as bad as the blown call that stole a perfect game from Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga early this year. Detroit fans are very upset, and they kind of have a point.

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