Oklahoma Sooners Football: ‘No Bite,’ Brian Bosworth Says

Oklahoma Sooners football has lost much of its bite, according to former OU and Seattle Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth (aka “The Boz”).

Bosworth was in Tulsa promoting his latest film, the faith-based actioner Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire, when he made the comments to Tulsa World. Asked if Oklahoma Sooners football was “as big a monster or even bigger” than when The Boz ran wild and free, Bosworth said, “Bigger monster, smaller teeth. I think we have lost a lot of our bite.”

Bosworth believed a lot of the program’s “fight” and “passion” had gone and that his alma mater had “lost a lot of our tradition.”

“I think that comes from a lot of different sources. It comes from players that have different agendas, the advent of social media, the selfishness that players have in their long-time vision versus their short-term goals and dreams … They don’t come to Oklahoma because they want to make Oklahoma their dream.”

Bosworth continued: “It’s not like they’ve been six, eight, 10 years old and dreaming of wearing crimson and cream. They’ve been six, eight and 10 and they have been playing NFL Madden Football. They are not there to continue a tradition. They are there to start their career.”

In spite of the negative take, Brian Bosworth said that he thought it was still possible for Oklahoma Sooners football to get back to the level where it once was. “Look at Alabama. Look at LSU. Look at what Coach [Kevin] Sumlin has done in one year at [Texas] A&M. You can create dreams. You can plant seeds in people. God does it every day.”

Bosworth credited God for planting seeds “every single day” and added that “others come behind him and water them.”

“A coach can plant a seed in every player that he recruits and others need to come behind him and plant them. But you have to start with good earth, good soil, good heart, good mind and good intentions,” Bosworth said.

Brian Bosworth, unlike Oklahoma Sooners football, has kept a low profile since his 2009 arrest for DUI. In his latest film, he stars opposite Steve Borden (more popularly known as the professional wrestler “Sting”). Bosworth, in an interesting twist, will be the leader of a vengeful biker gang, the very thing he fought against in his undeniably awesome “worldly” action film Stone Cold.

Check The Boz rocking that mad mullet in the trailer below:

As for his comments on Oklahoma Sooners football, do you agree or disagree?

[Image via Karin Hildebrand Lau / Shutterstock.com]