Sprint Wireless Offering Unlimited Data Plans With Lifetime Guarantee

Sprint Wireless is about to start offering a new unlimited mobile plan that promises unlimited data for life.

Starting July 12, new and existing Sprint customers can sign up for the company’s new My Way or My All-in plans.

Under the My Way plans, customers receive unlimited talk, text, and data for just $80 per month per device. Sprint is also offering a 1GB option on the data side for $10 less. If you want to add hotspot data, you can pay $10 additional for 1GB per month.

On the flip side, My All-In subscribers plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data alongside 5GB of hotspot data for $110 per month. The My All-In plan targets Sprint Wireless users who use their smartphone as a modem on a regular basis.

There is really no comparison between Sprint Wireless’ new plans and its competitors. For example, Verizon’s Share Everything plan costs $100 per month but provides only 2GB of data and unlimited talk and text. The Verizon plan includes a $40 per line access fee per smartphone per month.

AT&T’s Mobile Share plan is cheaper than Verizon at just $85 per month for unlimited text, voice, and 1GB data. For $100 per month, AT&T Wireless customers can up their data plan to 4GB of data.

T-Mobile offers a decently similar plan through its Simple Choice offering, which offers unlimited text messaging, unlimited voice calls and unlimited data for $70 per month. While T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plan is cheaper on the surface, it costs an additional $20 per month to use a higher end 4G LTE handset such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. T-Mobile also throttles user speeds after 5GB worth of data is used.

With 4G LTE speeds being experienced at an increased rate, the option for unlimited data will grow in importance. 4G LTE delivers HD quality video and audio at higher bandwidth speeds, which in turn means users watching crisper video do so as they eat up bandwidth at a faster rate.