Margaret Cho Can’t ‘Out’ John Travolta, It’s Already ‘Obvious’ He’s Gay

Comedian Margaret Cho says she didn’t “out” John Travolta back in April, because you really can’t“out” John Travolta as a homosexual. It’s just so obvious.

During a stand-up performance in Australia three months back, Cho said that Travolta is “so gay, like Oscar Wilde gay,” but explained in a recent interview with Queerty that she didn’t exactly out the 59-year-old actor.

“You know, I would hope that he would be able to be himself. It’s not even like I’m outing him, because it’s so obvious,” the 44-year-old comedian said. “That’s like outing Liberace. All I’m doing is taking public speculation and joining it with what I know to be true.”

Travolta has been married to actress Kelly Preston since 1991, and the two have had three children together. While Cho does think they’re “legitimately a family,” she still believes that Travolta has “a responsibility to come out.”

“Ultimately, I think he’s a good guy, and I think he is suffering, and it’s sad for somebody like that, who has made such a big contribution to film and to pop culture, who’s made to live under this guise of heterosexuality. I’m actually on his side.”

In May 2012, Travolta was the target of a handful of lawsuits from male masseurs claiming sexual assault and battery. The claims were debunked by Travolta’s legal team, and the suits were either dropped or thrown out.

Still, rumors that John Travolta is secretly gay have been going around forever. In 2010, Carrie Fisher said that everyone knows he’s gay, but no one cares. He’s the only one who is “uncomfortable with it.” However, lifelong friend Kirstie Alley has gone on the record several times to defend Travolta from the rumor.

Do you think that John Travolta is secretly gay?

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