Tampons Confiscated, Guns Allowed At Texas Capitol

Social media users reported tampons confiscated at the Texas capitol during House proceedings Friday, alongside sanitary napkins (or “maxi pads”), fearing that the menstrual supplies could be used as projectiles by angry female protesters.

The tampons confiscated were taken from women entering the building, and images of tampon confiscation boxes appeared throughout the day on Twitter — alongside lamentations that guns are allowed inside the building, just not necessary supplies to prevent menstrual blood from leaking, staining clothing, and creating an embarrassing mess for the number of women carrying them for necessity.

PolicyMic writes:

According to journalists on the ground, on Friday afternoon, security guards started confiscating tampons and pads from women attending House proceedings. Yup. Women who are on their period and need their sanitary products will need to leave their ‘weapons’ at the door or be turned away. But don’t worry, if you happened to bring your gun and you have your concealed carry permit, you’re all set! Go right in.

It wasn’t just tampons confiscated in Texas today, and several items (including a box of NutriGrain bars) appear in images of the capitol today.

Twitter blew up over “tampongate,” with many women pointing out that a lack of menstrual supplies hobbles the day to day activity of many women, who cannot be expected to sit for hours in a soaked pad or with a leaking tampon.

Twitter users said:

#tampon collection as they let people into the gallery. #txlege #hb2 #sb1 #swtw pic.twitter.com/PtVX8eXAsL

— Shelby Alexander (@ShelbyLAlex) July 12, 2013

I just asked DPS myself: NO TAMPONS OR MAXI PADS IN GALLERY. “Nothing that can be thrown at Senators” #HB2

— Jessica W. Luther (@scATX) July 12, 2013

One Salon commenter claims tampon confiscation has been halted in the Texas capitol after Twitter outrage broke out, but the report has not been confirmed.