Kevin Costner Selling South Dakota Land

Kevin Costner is selling 1,000 acres of South Dakota land. The listed price is $14 million.

The land is located in South Dakota’s Black Hills, near the Old West town of Deadwood. It is currently listed as three separate parcels.

As reported by Yahoo News, the decision to sell was difficult for Costner. Real estate agent Mike Percevich explains that Costner feels “a strong sense of loyalty” to the town. He states that it took Costner several months to make the final decision.

The land includes an area that was cleared and prepared for a resort. The proposed Dunbar casino resort was expected to include a 320-room hotel, an exclusive golf course, and a steam train.

Construction of the resort was halted when investors failed to commit. The failed plan may have contributed to Kevin Costner’s decision to sell the land.

Mike Percevich discusses the time and effort that went into the resort site:

“The kind of money and time that has gone into this is unprecedented… It’s a shame for them… They put far more into it than what they’re asking.”

Costner and his brother Dan reportedly spent millions preparing the land for a resort. The name “Dunbar” was a reference to Costner’s Dances With Wolves character Lt. John J. Dunbar. Most of the movie was filmed in South Dakota.

As reported by NBC News, the sale does not include all of Costner’s properties in the Deadwood area. He will retain ownership of the Midnight Star casino and the Tatanka: Story of the Bison attraction.

As reported by IMDB, Kevin Costner is a native of Lynwood, California. He had a career in marketing until a chance meeting with actor Richard Burton changed his life.

Burton reportedly convinced Kevin Costner to pursue a career in acting. His career began with Silverado in 1985. In 1990 he won an Oscar Award for Best Director for Dances With Wolves.

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