The future of Pat White

One of the real surprise moves of the NFL roster cut downs was the Miami Dolphins axing QB Pat White. White was a second round pick in 2009, and it seems really odd that the Dolphins were so quick to give up on him. Of course most of the can be explained away by two factors, first the play of QB Tyler Thigpen and, second the fact that opposing teams now a Wild Cat play is coming the moment White stepped onto the field. Now White will have to find his fortune elsewhere.

The number one thing that comes to mind is the United Football League. It is far too late in the goings on for White to get a UFL job for 2010, but in 2011 the UFL will add a team in Virginia. That is significant of course because Pat went to school in West Virginia and is a regional hero. It seems like a really good fit. Of course the big minus is White played in the spread offense in College, and that skill set does not seem to translate well to the pro game. There have also been rumors that the UFL Virginia franchise would like to have Jamarcus Russell as their QB.

In the mean time White plans to pursue his baseball career. He has signed a minor league deal with the Kansas City Royals, reportedly with a clause that will allow him to pursue a job in the UFL. White is no stranger to the baseball world as he has been drafted twice by MLB teams, once by the Anaheim Angels and again by the New York Yankees. He passed up both of those opportunities to play QB at West Virginia.

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