First Look At Sandra Bullock In Oscar Vehicle ‘Gravity’

The buzz about Sandra Bullock and George Clooney’s new film Gravity has been going on for months. The sci-fi flick has been in development since 2010 stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, both whose performances have been pumped up for Oscar potential by Warner Bros.

The news about Gravity has been trickling at all time slow speed. In May the trailer was released to the internet, and critics were split on the footage that was shown. It was vague, but not in a way that drew any anticipation, but perhaps that will all change.

Director Alfonso Cuaron will be taking Gravity to Comic-Con, which will probably bring more attention to the film, and maybe just the right amount of enthusiasm that the film needs.

Gearing up for Comic-Con the marketing team decided to push one the first promotional still from Gravity, which features Sandra Bullock, the film’s leading lady.

The still looks like it captures moments before Bullock is shot into outer space with leading man George Clooney.

Giving an exclusive interview with USA Today, the director said of the journey:

“She’s confronted with the idea that Earth is so far away. She can see the whole Earth and she doesn’t belong to it. What is really scary for people is being lost or alone in the immensity of the void.”

Let’s hope all the delays on this film doesn’t affect the final product. Another film that saw delays but conquered them at the box office is Paramount’s World War Z. Hopefully Gravity will have the same fate.


However, even if it doesn’t we have a feeling that box office numbers isn’t exactly the studio’s agenda as the release is centered around Oscar season. The film opens on October 4 and is backed by Warner Bros.

Are you excited to see Sandra Bullock and George Clooney team up for the space film?