Facebook Places maybe nets robbers $100K in booty in New Hampshire

Firstly, there are enough people living in New Hampshire that robbers were able to steal $100,000 worth of stuff from them.

Secondly, Facebook Places finally has its obligatory scary anecdote to frighten anyone not afraid of using it into perhaps not using it. Facebook Places wasn't precisely named in the local news piece, but the people who got the hell burgled out of them did post their locations on Facebook prior to the burglings. The post was scant on details, but three men were apprehended, and it wasn't clear whether any of the property stolen was recovered:

Police say they recovered more than $100,000 worth of property, allegedly stolen by three men.

In all there were more than 50 break-ins. Police say the thieves targeted people who posted their locations on their Facebook profiles. They started striking when the users weren't home.

As we've covered before, it's not a great idea to post your location on Facebook- particularly if you don't know your friends well, are on vacation or have a lot of cool shit. Also, there have been sites that aggregate that data onto a handy burglary cheat sheet for those who like to burgle, but the most well known one is no longer operational. I suppose you'll have to weigh your ex seeing that you're out having fun and maybe staging a casual drive-by versus bragging about your exploits upon your return.