Justin Bieber evades arrest after hitting trooper with water balloon

Oh, that Justin Bieber.

If he’s not directing his Twitter army at people who have drawn his ire, he’s getting into crazy hijinks throwing water balloons at law enforcement officials. Bieber was backstage at the Maryland State Fair when the incident occurred, and E! says the cop was not amused by Bieber’s aim:

An eyewitness tells E! News that a state trooper—soaked below the belt courtesy of a direct Bieber balloon hit—was ready to slap the cuffs on the teen prior to his sold-out performance at the Maryland State Fair on Sunday, but that Bieber’s bodyguard managed to talk him out of it.

“Still laughing. GREAT DAY,” Bieber tweeted late that night.

Biebs escaped prosecution, but a spokesman for the state police called his actions “inappropriate.” He confirmed that no incident report was filed, and that there would be no action taken against the teen-queen or his team of handlers or “entourage.” It didn’t work out too badly for Maryland either- in exchange for one of their cops being humiliated by a tween with a middle-aged lesbian’s haircut, 12,500 tickets for the Justin Bieber show at the fair sold out in 20 minutes.