Guntersville Post Office Closes After Arousal Gel Leak Found

A Guntersville post office was closed earlier this week in Alabama after a mysterious, oozing gel-like substance was found to be leaking from a package. Turns out it was just K-Y lubricant — a non-toxic gel used to “intensify sensation.”

The package was discovered after several employees came into contact with the gel. Unaware of what the substance was, concern that it could be some toxic or hazardous material prompted the Guntersville post office to close, reports UPI.

Three post office employees were given medical treatment after the report was made. Fortunately, the only symptoms they experienced was a “warming sensation.”

Because of the seriousness of the concerns, however, a hazmat team was called in after the building was evacuated.

Opening and searching the package, the team of experts discovered what all the excitement was about: A bottle of K-Y warming gel had broken, leaking over at least a dozen other packages.

WAAY-TV, a news team covering the Guntersville post office closure in the northeastern Alabama town, reports on statements made by USPS Postal Inspector Tony Robinson. Robinson stated that the packages containing the leaky gel were intended for a recipient said to be in the entertainment industry.

He declined to comment on who the person was or who had sent the packages. Robinson did say, however, that the senders will be contacted, per standard procedure, to instruct them on how to properly package their items to avoid future incidents.

No doubt the recent spate of mail-based attacks, like the ricin poison letters mailed to President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg, has put postal workers on higher alert to dangerous packages.

Do you think this was a necessary precaution? Or was the Guntersville post office closure a product of our hyped-up concern over terrorism?

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[Image via Presidio of Monterey: DLIFLC & USAG via photopin cc]