Helena Christensen Nude, Nearly Nude Photos Emerge

Helena Christensen’s nude photo shoot at the age of 44 is raising a few eyebrows.

In a new photo shoot by Gregory Derkenne for Future Claw, the Danish supermodel welcomes the public into her New York apartment without quite bothering to get dressed first.

Even the FutureClaw cover is a little unusual. Helena Christensen does manage to get into a skimpy piece of black lingerie for that photo — but she’s kissing what can only be some kind of weird-looking iguana. I’m not sure I want to ask too many questions about what that’s all about.

The photo shoot including the nudes start at page 139 of the online issue of FutureClaw, so feel free to head over and check it out. But don’t blame me if you see more of Christensen than you expected. In the opening shot, she welcomes you into her home with her hands held over her ta-tas instead of by, you know, wearing a shirt or anything like that.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s an art and fashion magazine. In some of the pictures, she actually wears clothes.

So for you dirty minds who just want to see what all the nude Helena Christensen chatter is about, I’ll give you a little hint: Page 148.


And what’s the public reaction to the Danish supermodel baring all? Let’s ask Twitter.

Helena Christensen has done a photo shoot published in The Sun today and at the young age of 44 all i can say is Stunning! #milf

— Belfast's Finest (@baileymufc20) July 12, 2013

Helena Christensen has got to be the fittest 44 year old out there, gobby shout but true

— alex stewart (@alexstewart2402) July 12, 2013

It’s tough to find people on the internet agreeing on anything but everyone seems to love the new Helena Christensen nude photos.

[Helena Christensen photo credit: Rubenstein via photopin cc]