Michael Jackson Trial: Defense Confuses Nanny For Nancy Grace, Laughter Ensues

The Michael Jackson trial took a turn towards laughter on Thursday afternoon when the defense for AEG Live accidentally confused the Jackson family's former nanny with Nancy Grace.

Michael Jackson's nephew Taj Jackson was on the witness stand when a defense attorney asked about former nanny Grace Rawaramba.

AEG Live attorney Kathryn Cahan asked if Rawaramba was truthful to which Taj said, "yes she was."

Asking him to "refresh his memory" Cahan then handed Taj a piece of paper.

Taj Jackson read the paper, looked up and proclaimed, "That's Nancy Grace."

The court room quickly erupted into laughter over the defenses mistake.

Kathryn Cahan had handed Taj Jackson a copy of a December 11, 2011 letter he had written.

In the letter, Jackson took shots at reporter Roger Friedman:

"Please don't pay this reporter-gossiper any attention. He has been nothing by anti-Jackson since day one and has made a career off of it. However, like the sneaky snake he is, he wiggles around the truth and smothers it with convincing lies. I saw him do this to my uncle while he was still alive. "
In the final part of the letter, Jackson then compares Friedman to other reporters who reported on his uncle's life and allegations of child molestation. Taj writes:
"Sorry … but there are a couple of people who truly disgust me. And to me, he belongs in the same category as Grace, (Diane) Dimond and (Martin) Bashir."
Obviously because he said the word Grace, it had to be Grace Rawaramba. Only it wasn't; it was Nancy Grace.

Grace Rawaramba is expected to take the stand soon.

If this woman shows up on the stand, the defense should assume its not Rawaramba:

Nancy Grace

Do you think this recent misstep by AEG Live's attorney is going to hurt the defenses case against the Michael Jackson estate?