Idris Elba James Bond Rumors Making Rounds Again

Could Idris Elba be James Bond?

The question has been asked before, and it is being asked all over again lately, despite the fact that current Bond Daniel Craig has at least two more films to go before his contract with the character is up.

James Bond has been played by six white guys in over 50 years of films, and some observers have been looking for a change. Prior to Craig’s selection, some wondered whether or not a black man could take on the role, and 40-year-old Idris Elba’s name quickly became a frontrunner and a favorite.

The role ultimately went to Craig, but no one forgot that “Idris Elba James Bond” idea, and now that the current Bond has about two movies to go, “who will be the new Bond?” is a question that is starting to be asked again.

Adding fuel to the rumor machine, Skyfall‘s Naomie Harris noted in a recent interview that Elba had met with longtime Bond producer Barbara Broccoli.

But Elba says it’s all just gossip.

“It’s just a rumor — but what a compliment. I’m flattered by the notion of it,” he told Britain’s Daily Mirror.

“I’m also encouraged that audiences are being more color-blind these days.”

If Elba is selected, he’ll be the first (and probably the best) black man to take on the James Bond role. Currently, the long-running series is beginning pre-production on its 24th film, with Craig and Skyfall director Sam Mendes confirmed to return.

Do you think that Idris Elba could be James Bond?

[Image via: Featureflash / Shutterstock]