Kaley Cuoco And Henry Cavill Break Up

James Johnson

The Big Bang star Kaley Cuoco and Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill have broken up.

The split arrives just a few days after reports began circulating that the pair was Hollywood's newest power couple.

PEOPLE reports the breakup, but the source of the news didn't reveal why the couple called it quits.

It was only recently reported that Cuoco, 27, was dating Cavill, 30.

Dating rumors for the pair started earlier this month when they were spotted hiking together. The couple were then photographed enjoying sushi near Cuoco's Sherman Oaks, California home.

Rumors really heated up when the couple were caught engaging in some public displays of affection while buying groceries in Los Angeles.

The split was first reported by E! which claims:

"Meanwhile, we're hearing that Cavill and Cuoco remain friends after a few dates together—almost all of which seem to have been captured by paparazzi!"

While this recent relationship quickly drew to a close, it still had more public displays than Cuoco's relationship with Galecki for which she proclaims:

"It was a wonderful relationship but we never spoke a word about it and never went anywhere together."

Are you surprised by the recent end to Kaley Cuoco's relationship with Henry Cavill?