Pennsylvania Man Sets Girlfriend’s Son Ablaze

Saxonburg, PA – A Pennsylvania man is facing charges after setting his girlfriend’s son ablaze and shooting the child with an air-gun, all while recording the assault on his cellphone.

Thirty-five-year-old Edward B. Myers brought along his 11- and 15-year-old sons to witness and participate in the attack on his then-girlfriend’s 7-year-old; soaking the child in flammable liquid, setting him ablaze, and shooting him several times with an air-gun, according to the Philly Burbs.

During the May 25 assault, reports state Myers encouraged one of his own sons to light his girlfriend’s 7-year-old on fire after he dousing the child in what may have been nail polish remover or some kind of equally flammable varnish, according to the Daily Mail.

Once the child was on fire, Myers and his two sons repeatedly shot the victim with air guns.

The man recorded the event of the child burning on his cellphone.

The boy suffered serious third-degree burns, especially to his face and chest, and was taken to the UPMC Mercy Medical Center for treatment once his mother returned him. None of the Myers’ attempted to get the child medical care.

The victim managed to tell police what happened, saying once his mother left the house that day Myers, the man she was dating at the time and his two sons set him ablaze and shot him with air and pellet style guns even though the child repeatedly asked them to stop.

Investigators are not sure what motivated the alleged sadistic attack. One of Myers’ sons reportedly claimed it was a “prank,” according to the Butler Eagle.

District Judge Lewis Stoughton arraigned Myers on felony assault and other charges on Wednesday. Myers is in Butler County Prison on $250,000 bail. His 15-year-old son is facing similar charges in juvenile court.

What punishment should Myer’s face for setting a child under his care ablaze?

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