Suri Cruise Verbally Abused: Did The Paparazzi Go Too Far?

Suri Cruise, aged 7, was verbally abused by a paparazzi photographer in New York as she was walking to an SUV with her mother and friend. The incident was caught on video.

It is clear from the clip that Suri, the daughter of Tom Cruise and possibly the child who gets the most media attention in the world, gets nervous and agitated as photographers and fans push forward to get a piece of her. She mumbles some words under her breath and is clearly becoming upset by aggressive behaviour of the paparazzi.

As they try to get into the waiting car, one of the photographers can be heard clearly saying: “I don’t care, she’s a bitch… a little brat kid.”

As the three enter the car, the photographer says audibly: “Bye, Suri, you little brat,” another guy then pitches in with: “whoa, whoa, whoa, she’s just a kid,” telling the first guy that his comments are out of order.

He continues in the video clip, obtained by fishwrapper: “When you’re a father bro, it’s a whole different thing. That’s a whole different thing.”

The agitated Suri Cruise wasn’t rude to the pushy reporters; in fact, she can be heard in the clip simply saying: “We’re trying to get in the car. Stop it, get out of the way.”

The incident raises serious questions, once again, about the conduct and behavior of the paparazzi. It is clear that little Suriis distressed by the paparazzi attention, and one has to question what effect being verbally abused like this might have on the child.

Even if Suri and her friend were out of earshot, which is unclear from the clip, as they are already entering the car but the back door was wide open.

Did the clip shock you or are you used to the paparazzi behaving like this? Did Suri Cruise get abused by the photographer? And what steps can be taken to stop this kind of aggressive paparazzi abuse? Let’s hear your comments in the feed below.

Here is the fishwrapper video of the incident with Suri Cruise: