2010 NFL starting QB’s by the numbers

When we look at the 32 2010 NFL starting QB’s (for opening weekend), a good number of interesting demographics begin to appear. In sports we often talk about the East Coast bias, but for starting QB’s in the NFL there is an overwhelming West Coast bias. Three Starting QB’s this year will hail from USC (Carson Palmer, Matt Cassel, and Mark Sanchez). Nine of the 32 NFL starting jobs will go to players for California. On top of that Eight of the 32 NFL starters this year played their college ball in the Pac 10. All of those numbers are the most by school, state, and conference.

Now let’s take a look at how guys get to the NFL. Half of the 32 starters this year were first round draft picks. Of them six were the first overall pick the year they were drafted. 12 of these men will have been drafted with the 90th pick or later, three of them will have gone undrafted (Matt Moore, Jake Delhomme, and Tony Romo). Furthermore seven of them will have been dratted in the sixth round or later.

When we look at age 22 of the 32 starting 2010 NFL QB’s will be under the age of thirty. So we can draw some conclusions from these fact supplied by the NFL. The first is if your name is not Brett Favre QBing is a young man’s gig. If you want your kids to grow up to be QB’s in this league move west, and forgot about making it in the NFL as a undrafted free agent.