‘Two And A Half Men’ Adds Gay Character To Cast

Since the announcement that there will be another season of Two And A Half Men, there’s been some shake-ups. One of those shake ups, and improvements if you ask us, is the introduction of a gay character.

The gay character in question on Two and a Half Men will be the addition of Charlie’s daughter. Charlie Sheen, who was killed off of the show after the actor came to blows with series creator Chuck Lorre, of course played Charlie. Ashton Kutcher was then brought on to lead the cast, along with Angus T. Jones and Jon Cryer.

Of course if you don’t remember Charlie mentioning a daughter on the show, it’s because odds are is he didn’t know he had a daughter. According to TVline the character will be Charlie’s long-lost daughter.

So what does a gay character in the world of Two and a Half Men look like? Well it’s said that the character, whose name is Jenny, is “sexy and gorgeous.”

It’s said Jenny will appear in Season 11’s premiere. In addition to being a lesbian, Charlie’s long-lost daughter has just moved from New York to Los Angeles. We’re guessing she’ll arrive on Walden’s steps completely clueless of Charlie’s death and in need of a bit of guidance.

According to E! the role of Jenny Harper has yet to be cast, but it’s also noted that the character has potential to become a series regular. Does this mean we’re in for a title change from Two and a Half Men to Two Men and a Little Lady?

While the title is a stretch, the addition of a female character may be refreshing and completely new for the show. It may be just what the show needs after suffering another huge character departure. Earlier it was reported that Angus T. Jones, who made a famous video bashing the show, would be downsizing his role, and is not expected to return to the show as a regular.

Are you happy with the changes to Two and a Half Men?