Johnny Depp Eyes Comedy Crime Vehicle As ‘Lone Ranger’ Bombs

There’s a saying that one must strike while the iron is hot. The same can be said if you’re a huge Hollywood star and your big blockbuster is tanking hard. Johnny Depp isn’t new to the game, and has proved to be someone who has longevity even if his well of creativity has dried up a bit. That said, his next project looks like he may just turn things around.

As The Lone Ranger continues to tank at the box office, and is still failing to impress critics, Depp has his eyes set on a comedy crime project, which sees him reteaming with writer-director David Koepp.

This will be the second time the two have worked together. Before this they worked on the underrated 2004 suspense Secret Window, which was an adaptation from the Stephen King novel.

This time around Depp is set to star in a humorous crime film titled Mortdecai, which is an adaptation of “The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery”. We’re thanking our lucky stars that someone had the sense to change that title for the film.

The story written by Kyril Bonfiglioli centers around an art dealer and part time rogue who gets in the middle of a plot involving Nazi gold, a pack of Russians, and the MI5. It sounds like something different, and going from Depp’s current career trajectory, it seems like he’s due for something a bit left field from his usual hammy forays.

So far there’s no word yet on when this film plans to shoot, as Depp’s schedule is already jam packed with Rob Marshall’s Into The Woods, and his latest Pirates installment. It looks like he may have to fit the film in between the two films, which are undoubtedly bigger productions.

Depp’s latest project recently got picked up by Lionsgate.

Are you excited about Johnny Depp’s newest project?