Robert Pattinson's Saddam Film 'Mission: Blacklist' Finds Director

Niki Cruz

What is easily Robert Pattinson's most controversial vehicle has finally found its director. Pattinson is attached to star in Mission: Blacklist #1, about the Saddam Hussein Manhunt. It's been announced that the film has found its director, and no it's not Kathryn Bigelow.

The director of Mission: Blacklist #1 is said to be Blondie helmer Jesper Ganslandt. Well over a year ago, Pattinson's project was announced with a poster promoting the project. Back then it seemed like the film was heading towards being a true possibility as Oscar bait for Pattinson. However since its initial announcement the project has hit a few snags.

The script which is written by scribes Erik Jendresen (Band of Brothers), actor Dylan Kussman (Dead Poets Society), and actor Trace Sheehan, is a story that follows the military interrogations during the hunt for Saddam Hussein.

At first director Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire was attached to helm the project, but then he mysteriously left the film last month for reasons unknown. For Ganslandt, the film will be the director's first English-language debut and also his first thriller, two firsts that make us a bit nervous, especially for a film that could fit perfectly into its sub-genre if given to the right person.

Mission: Blacklist #1 is based on the novel co-written by author Eric Maddox, who was on the hunt and is also the man Robert Pattinson will portray in the film.

Despite its rough start, this still seems like a promising vehicle for Pattinson. Although it won't make the 2014 Oscars, perhaps it will be something to look out for in 2015? As for Pattinson, the actor has been looking to detach himself from the Twilight franchise for some time now, and while he has tried with past projects, Mission: Blacklist #1 may finally be his best bet in showing people what he can do.