Excalibur Wireless News Ticker Awaits FCC Approval

The Excalibur Wireless News Ticker is the perfect item for blog and website fans who want to stay connected at all times. By connecting users to their favorite sites via RSS feeds the clock lets you sneak a peak at what’s new on the web, even while lying in your bed.

The unit is still waiting final FCC approval and includes a black-on-gray display that shows off the local weather, the current day of the month and of course the time located right above the RSS feed. For continuous “no plug-in power required” the clock also requires four AA batteries.

Want to add more functionality? Attach the clock to a USB dongle and you can stream the RSS feeds you currently have on your PC by utilizing some specialized software that comes with the clock.

For specialized uses there are also plans for Weather Channel and Fox Sports branded devices. I honestly never thought I would see the day when a right leaning conservative clock existed, but there you have it.

Sorry but no word yet on a release date or a price for the branded and non-branded version of the devices. [via SlashGear]