[VIDEO] Portal 2 co-op play is no lie: see it in action here

The latest Portal 2 video shows off another new addition to the mind-bending franchise: co-operative play. As in the single-player game, you’ll be facing challenges set by GLaDOS: challenges that require two portal guns, rather than one. That means you’ll be able to create four portals in each arena, so expect some tricky as hell brain-teasers.

Co-op challenges will include complex laser redirection using all four portals, working in two separate chambers to allow the other player to progress in theirs, and an online mode where players will have the ability to temporarily enter a split-screen view to help coordinate actions.

You’ll also be able to place icons on the game’s levels to inform the other player what they need to do – clever, no?

Anyway, I’ve already run dry of superlatives for Portal 2, but needless to say the video below is wonderful. Watch it now!

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[Via YouTube]