Kings Of Leon Invite Naked Crowdsurfer Backstage For A Drink

Jimmy Dorris was invited backstage by Kings Of Leon after he stripped naked during their concert in Birmingham, England and crowd-surfed to the front of the gig.

The incident occurred whilst they played their hit song “Sex On Fire” at the English venue, LG Arena, on Tuesday July 9. As they rocked out to the song, Dorris took all of his clothes off and was then hoisted on top of the unsuspected crowd who then pushed him to the stage.

Various videos and pictures of the individual then began to circulate online via Twitter and Facebook as members of the public looked to give the man the publicity he obviously craved.

Two members of the band, Nathan and Jared Followill, even joined in the fun, with the band’s drummer, Nathan, tweeting after the show, “Thank you Birmingham. We saw a side of you that we’ve never seen before.”

However, before the bands’ second night at the arena, which took place on Wednesday July 10, Followill looked to invited Dorris to the show, and even said that he could have a drink with the rockers.

Followill tweeted, “Hey Birmingham sausage man, if you’re on twitter, DM me. We owe you a beer tomorrow night. Birmingham, let’s do this. I get the feeling that this’s going 2 be nuts.”

Dorris of course obliged with the offer, and turned up at the LG Arena, where he got to meet the band, and then he proceeded to have several beers with his music idols.

He wrote on Twitter about the incident, “I saw myself on the screen and thought s***, I am definitely getting banned from here!! Next day I am back stage??”

Dorris added, “They were absolutely tremendous. None of that don’t meet you [sic] hero nonsense, they were superb!” He then embraced the Birmingham sausage man moniker before thanking the Followill brothers for making his “dream come true.”

[Image via s_bukley/Shutterstock]