Tiny Kitten Saved From Death After Being Attacked By Crows, Rescuer Crochets Feline Outfits That Are Aiding Her Recovery

A Japanese kitten, by the name of Wasabi-chan, was saved from death after her rescuer noticed her being mauled by a crow who ended up fracturing her jaw and then ripping her tongue into two separate pieces.

Describing the ordeal, @jessiepon remarked, “I heard a horrible cry of a kitten, getting attacked by crows in front of my house. I immediately rescued her and brought her to the vet. Crows have eaten inside of the kitten’s mouth, to the point she can’t drink milk on her own.”

After the incident, the rescuer’s grandmother then decided to crochet her some outfits that have actually aided her recovering as they allow her to be ffed without the creature attempting to stop and move away the feeding tube.

These crocheted outfits stop her hands from moving and place her tiny face through a hole that allows the tube to be placed into her mouth. The adorable images have now become an internet sensation, as her owner has repeatedly uploaded them online.

The new owner of the cat is only known by her Twitter account, @jessiepon, and she has repeatedly kept Internet users abreast of her pet’s recovery.

At first there were worries that the animal might not recover because she constantly tampered with the feeding tube that was keeping her alive. After they struggled to overcome this obstacle, the rescuer came up with the ingenious plan to place her in the crocheted costumes.

DopeSk1llz, a Reddit user, explained, “She was attacked by a crow. Her top jaw was fractured, a hole in her throat, tongue was ripped, and part of gum was eaten. The rescuer was feeding her with a tube which Wasabi-chan hates, thus created this crochet to hold her down while feeding.” The user then added, “She’s gaining lots of weight, and is now looking adorable.”

Japanese social-media users across Japan soon became enamoured with the tale, and now @jessiepon has gathered almost 50,000 fans, all of whom are looking to be informed of Wasabi-chan’s recovery.

All of Wasbi-chan’s outfits are made by @jessiepon’s grandmother, but she updates her Twitter and Instagram daily to keep people informed of her progress.

[Image via Insagram/shimejiwasabi]