Kate Middleton Labor Watch: Royal Baby Is On The Clock

When Kate Middleton goes into labor, an army of media correspondents will be ready to relay all the details of the royal baby’s birth, one that is expected to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in the economy.

Already in the days before her July 11 due date, Kate Middleton’s every move has been swarmed with press and the media has engaged in endless speculation about her baby’s sex and name. Outside the upscale hospital where she plans to give birth, a group of reporters have set up came in an area set aside for media.

On Monday, the Duchess of Cambridge was somehow able to make a secret visit to the hospital where she plans to give birth, evading the reporters waiting outside. The visit was only found out after patients in the maternity wing talked about the surprise visit from Kate.

Under the unending scrutiny, Kate Middleton has tried to maintain a low profile, ending her public appearances well ahead of the due date. At home Kate and Prince William completed a $1.5 million upgrade to their apartment in preparation for the royal baby.

“Kate has been sensible and stayed in London,” a source told Us Weekly. Prince William and Kate had been in Anglesey, Wales, where William was station as a Royal Air Force Search and Rescue pilot before moving back to London.

“She was so relieved that she did not go into labor early while in Anglesey with William,” the source added.

Even days before Kate Middleton is due to start her labor, the royal baby is generating plenty of excitement — and money — in Britain. The two most popular betting sites in the UK have released odds on the baby’s sex, name, hair color, and arrival date. The sites — Ladbrokes and Paddy Power — are giving 5-to-1 odds that Kate Middleton will give birth on July 14, and 2-to-1 odds that the baby will have brown hair.

Gamblers can make long-term bets about the royal baby as well. The bookmakers are giving 10-to-1 odds that the baby will have a life in the arts and 16-to-1 odds of a military career.

As soon as Kate Middleton gives birth and the royal baby is named, a number of souvenir makers are preparing for a mad dash to create memorabilia with the baby’s name and birth date. Factories in China are reportedly standing by to start producing the commemorative pieces as soon a the royal baby is born.

In all the royal baby is expected to have a $400 million impact to the British economy through birth parties and merchandise sales. Now Kate Middleton just needs to do her part and go into labor.