Marilyn Manson cosplays as… Kenny Powers?

Eastbound and Down is returning for its second season on HBO, which may mildly remove the sting of the second season of True Blood concluding.

Among eagerly-anticipating people are, according to Interview, Jack White (squee but you buried the lead there, interview!) and Marilyn Manson. Manson is so hype on the show, in fact, that he actually cosplays as Kenny Powers. Director Adam Bhala Lough explains:

“Whenever I see Manson, he’s repeating entire chunks of dialogue and dressed like Kenny,” says Lough.”He just walks around dressed like this and fucks with people on the street. If a waiter or valet tells him, ‘Have a nice day,” he’ll respond, ‘Don’t tell me what to do.’ Stuff like that. He’s even dressed like this when I’m at his house watching Béatrice Dalle films and Hoarders.” I ask Lough what Green thinks of the method role-playing, since he’s producing (upcoming slasher pic) Sisters. “I think David’s actually frightened for Danny. Because Manson wants to kidnap Danny on some King of Comedy shit. Danny should be scared.”

In Sisters, Manson will play a death metal band frontman named Lars.

[Interview via TDW]