Husband Shot By Wife 15 Mins After Leaving Jail

A McMinn County man was shot and killed by his wife only 15 minutes after being released from jail in McMinn County, Tennessee.

On Saturday before 8am the Athens Police Officers received a report that Robert Vann Marshall, 34, was suicidal, irate, armed and threatening to kill his family. Soon after, Marshall was stopped by officers at the Athens Super 8 Motel. A handgun and various narcotic pills were found in his possession.

Upon further investigation, the authorities found that there was an active restraining order against him and arrested him on firearm and narcotics charges. Marshall was taken to the McMinn County Justice Center.

Whilst in custody, the limitations of the restraining order were clearly explained that if he were to go near his wife or their residence he would be arrested and charged.

At approximately 1:27 pm Marshall was released from jail after making bond.

Then at around 1:38 pm Melissa Marshall called and told the dispatchers that “he (Marshall) was trying to break into the residence,” McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy told WRCB. He went on to say that “She retreated into the back bedroom, and at some point fired a shot and he was killed.”

When the Ahens Police Officers and McMinn Sheriffs Deputies arrived on the scene they found the front door of the home kicked in and Robert Marshall lying in the back room with a fatal gunshot wound to the chest.

No charges were filed against Melissa Marshall, stated Guy as it appeared to be a simple case of self defense. A decision is yet to be reached as to whether or not this case of a husband killed by his wife will be presented to a Grand Jury.

“It’s a case where domestic violence unfortunately resulted in a loss of life,” added Sheriff Guy. “Court orders won’t keep every aggressor away, but are a useful deterrent to acts of violence and further enable officers to have knowledge of the situation.”

An autopsy of the husband killed by his wife has been ordered by the Attorney Generals office, and the authorities have made it clear that there is still and ongoing investigation.