Week One NFL Power Rankings

Ok everyone get ready to yell and scream and call me an idiot. It’s all good; this is of course my personal opinion based on what I have seen through pre-season, and what I expect to happen in the regular season. This year we are adding an up, down, or even tread to each week’s rankings. That will be based on injuries, trends in the season, and upcoming opponents. With that said here is my first Power Rankings for the NFL in 2010.

  1. New York Jets- One win away for a Super Bowl and added a lot of weapons in the off season Trending up
  2. New Orleans Saints- repeating as champs is a very tough thing to do Trending even
  3. Baltimore Ravens- Boldin gets a chance to be the man Trending up
  4. Green Bay Packers- There is a lot to like about this club Trending up
  5. Indianapolis Colts- New rules, and new coaches may have an effect Trending Down
  6. Cincinnati Bengals- This is a big time offense, that should score a lot of points Trending Even
  7. San Francisco 49ers- a good young team, in a very easy division Trending up
  8. Minnesota Vikings- Lots of questions on the offense Trending Down
  9. New England Patriots- I am not sold on this team Trending Even
  10. Philadelphia Eagles- They have a new QB, and that usually means trouble Trending Down
  11. San Diego Chargers- I question the defense Trending even
  12. Dallas Cowboys- They better win, or heads will roll Trending even
  13. New York Giants- Is Eli the man? can the defense hold up? Trending down
  14. Pittsburgh Steelers- Can they survive the first four games? Trending down
  15. Atlanta Falcons- There is a lot to like about this club, they need to take the next step Trending even
  16. Houston Texans- I would like this team a lot more with a uninjured Ben Tate Trending even
  17. Tennessee Titans- They must get off to a fast start Trending even
  18. Miami Dolphins- They could be a whole lot better Trending even
  19. Kansas City Chiefs- I am very unsure of this team at the moment Trending even
  20. Arizona Cardinals- I do not like their QB situation Trending down
  21. Detroit Lions- If they were deeper on defense they would be ranked higher trending down
  22. Oakland Raiders- I really like what they did to the defense Trending up
  23. Carolina Panthers- Let’s see what Matt Moore can do Trending up
  24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- I have big questions about QB Josh Freeman Trending even
  25. Denver Broncos- They continue to hurl away talent Trending down
  26. Chicago Bears- I think they are pretty bad, but we shall see Trending even
  27. Jacksonville Jaguars- If the offense clicks, they could be a lot better Trending up
  28. Buffalo Bills- Another rebuilding team Trending down
  29. Cleveland Browns- Injuries and the status of a rebuild project Trending even
  30. St. Louis Rams- I like the trade for Mark Clayton, but they have significant needs Trending even
  31. Washington Redskins- A team that is rebuilding Trending down
  32. Seattle Seahawks- I remain unconvinced about any moves they have made Trending even