Rich Cronin, singer of LFO, dies of cancer at 35

Rich Cronin, the singer for 90s boy band LFO, died today of leukemia at the age of 35.

Cronin penned the band’s biggest hit, “Summer Girls,” which topped the summer charts in 1999. (Video below.) The song garnered a lot of attention due to its seemingly random lyrics. Members of the band later said it was not intended to be released, but a radio station began playing it after a demo tape leaked.

E! says Cronin had been battling the disease since 2005:

Cronin was first diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia in 2005. He started the Rich Cronin Hope Foundation to raise awareness about the disease and educate the public about donating blood and bone marrow.

Lance Bass, whose popularity with N’Sync peaked at around the same time “Summer Girls” was topping the charts, tweeted about Cronin’s death earlier today:

Sad sad day that Rich Cronin died- was a amazing guy. : (