Heavy Smartphone Use Could Lead To Poor Fitness, Study Says

A new smartphone study shows that excessive use could lead to poor fitness.

Kent State University researchers found that university students who spent large amounts of time on their phone were less fit than those who spent less time on their phone.

We’ve all been told that too much of a good thing isn’t really a good thing, and spending 14 hours a day on a smartphone has shown to make a person less fit than those who spent 90 minutes a day on their phones.

College students are busy, balancing course work, jobs, and the all-important social lives. So would it be all that shocking that college students would be glued to their smartphones?

Kent State University Research Looks At The Relationship Between Smartphone Use And Fitness Levels

More than 300 college students from the Midwest were surveyed on their cellphone usage and activity level.

According to the Times of India, Kent State University researchers were interested in the relationship between smartphones and fitness levels because, “unlike television, phones are small and portable, therefore, making it possible to use them while doing physical activity.”

Researchers found that despite the phone’s mobility, high use of smartphones contributed to sedentary lifestyles for some users.

“While mobile devices allow “on the go” communication, the more students used their devices, the more sedentary they were,” the New York Daily News reported.

The report also stated that the more time users spent on their smartphones, the more likely they would be to engage in other sedentary forms of entertainment, such as watching TV or playing video games.

Those who used their smartphones less often were “more likely to report being connected to active peer groups through their cell phones and to cite this as a motivation for physical activity,” according to the New York Daily News.

The authors of the study wrote:

“The possibility that cell phone use may encourage physical activity among some low-frequency users while disrupting physical activity and encouraging sedentary activity among high-frequency users helps explain the significant negative relationship between cell phone use and cardiorespiratory fitness identified in this study.”

Researchers Jacob Barkley and Andrew Lepp, faculty members in the College of Education, Health and Human Services at the University concluded that their findings suggest that cellphone use may be an able indicator to show a person’s risk for a multitude of health issues related to an inactive lifestyle according to the Times of India.

What do you think of this new research? Do you think there is a link between smartphone use and poor physical fitness?

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