Jordan Farmar Gives Up Millions In Guaranteed Money To Join Lakers


Jordan Farmar could have stayed with his club in the Turkish Basketball League where he would have earned millions over the next few years. Instead, he chose to return to the states to play for the Los Angeles Lakers for around $1 million.

According to ESPN, the veteran has agreed to a one year deal for the veteran minimum of about $1 million. The Lakers will have to negotiate a buyout with his club in Turkey, Anadolu Efes, before the deal is completed. The buyout will not count toward the team’s salary cap.

Farmar said that the Lakers expressed interest in him but never really pushed the matter because they didn’t think that he would give up the millions he would have earned by playing in Turkey.

According to the LA Times, Farmar signed a three-year, $10.5 million last summer to play in the TBL.

Farmar played his first four seasons in Los Angeles and said that he missed being a Laker, Farmar said that the Lakers were the only team that could have pulled him away from his guaranteed money.

Farmar said: “They knew about my deal overseas and really didn’t push it earlier because they didn’t think I’d be willing to give up that guaranteed money I had over there… I wanted to be back in the NBA, but more importantly, back with the Lakers. This is the only situation I would have taken a minimum deal with. I’ve been a Laker since I was born. I grew up a Laker fan, so regardless of where I am or who I’m playing for, or what I’m doing in life, I’m always going to stay connected to what’s going on here [in Los Angeles].”

Farmar left the NBA in 2012 but said that he always planned on returning to the league.

Jordan Farmar said: “The plan for me was to get back to the NBA eventually regardless… Just being over there and staying up until 2, 3, 4 in the morning and watching every NBA game, or watching the Lakers go through what they were going through was just tough. I missed my family, I missed being home and, ultimately, I missed being a Laker.”

Farmar played point guard during his career in the NBA but that might change next season since the Lakers already have Steve Nash and Steve Blake. It’s also unclear what condition Kobe Bryant will be in at the start of the season. Farmar said that there’s a good chance that he’ll play some shooting guard while Kobe recovers.

Would you give up a $10 million contract in order to play for your favorite team?

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