The American Family Is In Downward Sprial, According To Pew Research Results

pew research center family study

The American family is on a steep decline, according to the results of Pew Research Center studies. The statistics revealed in the the United States is the “worst in the world” in a whole series of categories, including family, marriage, and child abuse.The facts and figures noted in the Pew family study appear to validate controversial Libertarian Charles Murray’s opinions about the direct link between the strength of the family and overall health of society.

Fewer people are getting married in the United States today than at any other time in history, according to the Pew Research Center family studies. There are approximately 6.8 marriages per every 1,000 citizens. About 51 percent of American adults are currently married. In the 1960s, approximately 72 percent of the populace was married. During the early 1950s, about 78 percent of American citizens had walked down the aisle. The United States now has the largest percentage of one-adult households on the planet.

Results from the polls also noted that more than half of all babies carried by women under the age of 30 are now born out of wedlock. The statistics unearthed during the American family studies also indicate that 42 percent of single moms are on food stamps. There are approximately 100 hundred million Americans on food stamps or receiving some type of government assistance. One million public school children are believed to be homeless, a staggering statistic which is reportedly occurring for the first time in the history of the country.

A total of one out of every three children in the United States live in a household without a father. America also has the highest divorce rate of any country on the globe. The current teen pregnancy rate is also the highest on the planet. America has twice as many teen pregnancies as Canada, three times as many as France, and seven times more than Japan. The Pew Research Center American family statistics also noted that 47 percent of high school students are having sex and one in every four teen girls have had a sexually transmitted disease.

The United States also reportedly has the highest rate of child abuse deaths. Approximately three million child abuse reports are filed with law enforcement officers annually. The Pew Research Center family studies also stated that one in every four girls will be sexually abused before reaching adulthood.

What do you think about the decline of the American family and its impact on society?

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