Pics/video: Giant NES coffee table is cooler than any of your furniture

Dear Matt: Will you marry me?

I actually don’t know very much about Matt, but I do know he seems to have crafted this amazing NES-shaped coffee table with his bare man-hands. (Check out how it dwarfs the actual NES sitting on it above and on his Flickr page.) The cartridge slot area opens and closes for storing stuff and holds a gigantic, functional NES controller. I don’t know exactly what advantage this has over a regular sized controller, but giant NES controller.

Matt explained some of the functionality of the table to Kotaku and why his NES coffee table is pretty much the awesomest piece of furniture ever designed:

“Opening the lid reveals the storage for the controller, or even can store remote controls and game controllers in there for easy access/storage,” Matt tells Kotaku. “The controller ports are actually two power outlets so I can plug in my laptop to charge.”

Below are a few more pics and video of Matt silently showing off his awesome creation.